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On the Knee

There are not just over knees and knee highs. There are some, that could be called on the knees, because they end more or less exact on the knees. Here is on sample pair of boots. They are black and end almost exact on the knee. The heels are 12cm high and they have a long pointed toe. With these critirias they fall under the category of âSexyâ.

StiefelbilderStiefelbilder Natalia enjoys to wear these kind of boots for going out into a club. You probably think now, that a lot of guys try to pick on her. That most men think that she is an âeasy oneâ, just because, she wears a short skirt with super hot, long boots.

StiefelbilderStiefelbilder But the experience is different. Most men are frightened by the sight of such a beautiful lady in boots. Yes, they feel inadequate and cannot say a word, because they are too nervous. Just the women stare with envy, as most men cannot keep there eyes from booted Natalia.