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Boots for different occasions


Black, neverending and hot!!

Casual, Sexy, Elegant???

We seperate our fashion styles in three categories: Sexy, Elegant and Casual. This considers first of all the boots. There are three criteria, that we consider in our judgement.

The first criterion is the hight of the heel. The lower the heel, the more comfortable is the boot. The higher the heel, the sexier is it. A long boot with a comfortable low heel is more suitable for the âCasualâ section. The comfort allows woman to wear the boot for several hours, which makes it suitable for day to day life. contd..

An overknee with a medium height can be considered more âElegantâ. It is a bit uncomfortable, to wear them on long shopping tours, but sexy enough to go out with it. It is perfect when woman wants to look hot, but not too sexy though appealing! An evening in a restaurant with a following cocktail bar visit would be just right or at a gala night combined with a long dress with a slit.

What âSexyâ means, does not need a long explanation. A short skirt â which just deserves the name skirt-, a tight top and super hot boots with mega long stilleto heels, and then you are off to the dancing club. The second criterion is the colour. Black is always perfect on long boots, for every occasion. Brown is basically just a colour for the âCasualâ look. Red is signal colour par exellence. Therefore red boots are more recommendable for the Sexy âLookâ.

The third criterion is the shape of the boot. If it is long pointed, it is more âElegantâ or âSexyâ. If it has a special eye-catcher, like metal point, it is more âSexyâ. Boots with a round point or in an alternativ shape like cowboy style are usually more âCasualâ. Alle three criterias tend to one or the other direction. In the end you clear and classify it.

Wir stellen uns vor

Who, What and Why are we?

We are a group of young Berliners, who feel the necessity of improving the world with seemingly little things. Boots and gloves might seem nothing next to the big problems of the world, but it is these little things, that make the world a place worth living. The beauty of a thighboot on a woman's leg can change the mood of a man in a second. The touch of a leather glove on a man's neck, can make him forget all the miserable things of his life, without side effects.

That is what life is all about. It is a journey, where the path is the destination.

Stop on the way, smell the flowers and smell the leather of beautiful boots and gloves. Take your time for the pretty things.